Episode #8: How Will Hatton traveled the world as a Broke Backpacker while building a travel blog

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On our eighth episode, I had the pleasure to sit down with Will Hatton.

Will is the founder of TheBrokebackpacker.com, where he shares his adventurous travels around the world with his massive audience of venturesome wanderers via informative and creative blog posts with beautiful and captivating visuals.

By travel hacking and budgeting, Will has traveled to countless countries over the last 8 years, with a focus on visiting the less touristy places, such as Venezuela and Pakistan.

He is now on a cross-land journey from the U.K. to Papua New Guinea and is currently joining us from Thailand.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Will started traveling on nearly no money
  • The start and growth of his travel blog
  • Taking his travel blog from nothing to earning an income in just 4 months
  • Finding his niche with his blog
  • His start as a traveler and how he has not stopped since then
  • Will’s start as an entrepreneur and making money online
  • Spotting opportunities and taking massive action
  • Dropshipping
  • Getting stuck in “the system”
  • The amazing opportunities that are available to us to make money on the internet
  • His feelings about sponsored trips
  • The SteriPEN Water Purification Wand
  • His plan to build a boat out of recycled material and sail from the Philippines to Papua New Guinea
  • Will’s favorite countries he has visited
  • Creating a unique brand and story
  • Not discounting his brand when pitching to sponsors
  • An encounter with a machete-wielding man in Nepal
  • Being an optimist and traveling outside his comfort zone
  • His travel plans of traveling the Silk Road on motorbike
  • The importance of Snapchat when growing a personal brand
  • Not letting money be an obstacle in his journey to realizing his dreams and aspirations
  • Will’s Book Recommendation: “The Lost City of Z” by David Grann

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