Episode #11: From bankruptcy to the $20M sale of his business, the entrepreneurial journey of Tim Fargo

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On our eleventh episode, I had the honor to sit down with Tim Fargo.

Tim is a lifelong entrepreneur, investor, author, and keynote speaker.

In 1991 Tim went bankrupt, but 12 years later he had grown his insurance fraud investigation company to a $20M sale, which he highlights in his book Alphabet Success.

After the sale of his company, Tim has gone on to invest in companies, author books, and speak at large events.

He has since launched a social media content management system with SocialJukebox, which allows users to maximize their time spent writing and publishing content.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How SocialJukebox can help travelpreneurs by automating their social media content distribution
  • Tim’s latest travels with his family, visiting 22 different countries over the last year
  • How his dad shaped his start as an entrepreneur
  • It doesn’t take a genius to be successful, simplicity is crucial in building a business
  • Tim’s transition of working for another company into working for himself
  • Investing yourself in the idea of venturing out on your own
  • Getting past the difficulty of the initial build of a product or service
  • Reaping the rewards by taking on the personal risk of building something yourself instead of plugging yourself into the ecosystem of another company
  • How being a little bit lazy has attributed to Tim’s success thusfar
  • Niching down and staying narrow with your target market
  • FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Success
  • How Tim’s optimism contributed to his bankruptcy in 1991
  • Not letting your failures define you, taking the lessons from that experience and move on
  • Pushing yourself through the difficult moments in life and learning along the way
  • Being willing to set the bar twice as high to push your limits
  • JKL: Just Keep Looking, keep your eyes and ears open to new opportunities even when it doesn’t look great
  • Tim’s goal for SocialJukebox to reach $1M in business by expanding into multi-platforms
  • The current state of the business and how many paying clients they have
  • Building a product that people love and that you feel proud of
  • Tim’s Book Recommendations:
  • Just making the decision and staying with it over the course of your entrepreneurial journey

Connect with Tim: Blog, SocialJukebox, LinkedIn, or Email

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