Episode #4: How Sean Kim went from being homeless to launching a location-independent business

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On our fourth episode of The Travelpreneur Club, I had the pleasure to talk with Sean Kim.

Sean is an entrepreneur, traveler, life-hacker, and podcaster.

Sean is also a founder of The Rype App, a language academy that offers unlimited personalized Spanish lessons through one-on-one online coaching.

Along with his startup, Sean has solidified his personal brand, both through his podcast and his blog.

On his podcast, SKIM Live, Sean interviews entrepreneurs, visionaries, and adventurers on the topics of location-independent businesses, success achievement, and taking the leap into entrepreneurship.

With his blog, The Growth List, Sean delivers plenty of educational and motivational content via articles, lessons, stories, and training seminars to help you build a career around your lifestyle and ultimately a location independent business.

His current mission is to help cultivate 100M growers through his community and to inspire them to do the stuff they love.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Sean’s start as an entrepreneur
  • What his parents and family thought when he dropped out of college
  • His first business failure
  • Being homeless and how it affects your mindset
  • How freedom is at the heart of being a travelpreneur
  • How entrepreneurs are not meant to work for someone else
  • The benefits of being uncomfortable as an entrepreneur
  • His lowest point in life thusfar
  • Having a fight or flight response
  • Building up confidence as an entrepreneur one day at a time through small wins
  • “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy
  • What we can learn from Navy Seals and their training regime
  • “Living with a Seal” by Jesse Itzler
  • The fear of success being greater than the fear of failure
  • How money highlights our true character
  • His current focus on building The Rype App
  • The main reasons why most people don’t reach fluency in a language
  • How not having a Plan B has contributed to his personal success
  • Learning from successful people by reading their biographies
  • Sean’s Book Recommendation: “Awaken the Giant from Within” by Tony Robbins
  • Stop Procrastinating, Just Start!
  • How to use The Zeigarnik Effect to stop procrastinating

(we had some connection difficulties, sorry for the video quality)

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