Episode #9: Building a blog around your fun and doing it from paradise with Ryan Biddulph

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On our ninth episode, I caught up with the island hopping, Amazon self-publishing machine, Ryan Biddulph.

Ryan is an author, blogger, freelance writer, and internet lifestyle junkie.

He is the Founder of an Amazon eBook series, “Blogging from Paradise,” where he helps his readers become eBook publishing machines by creating both authority and a passive income stream.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How he got started making money online after losing his job as a security guard
  • Retiring to a life of island hopping by smart blogging
  • Creating your dream lifestyle by following your “fun”
  • Starting his day off with an icy cold shower
  • How getting laid off from his job was actually beneficial to his life
  • How security is what holds most people back from taking control of their lives
  • Receiving his first small paycheck from working online
  • Everything in life is about positive and negative energy, follow the positive energy towards success
  • His favorite countries thusfar: Thailand & Bali
  • How staying cool and calm has attributed to his success
  • Ryan’s lowest point in his life after he went bankrupt and only had five cents in his pocket
  • Handling mental problems and how blogging helped him to move forward with a positive outlook
  • Getting started as a beginner blogger by talking about what you like and are good at
  • Ryan’s goal of promoting his line of ebooks and motivating others to chase their dreams
  • Promoting your brand by expanding your content and embracing an abundance mindset
  • Creating fun and playful content to reach readers
  • Using intuition and experiences to write content
  • How he has used comments from his blog readers to produce future ebook content
  • LISTEN to your audience
  • Not getting down on himself after only selling 4 ebooks over a few months when he first got started
  • Ryan’s Book Recommendation: “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill
  • Following your fun and creating a contagious energy that people want to be around


Connect with Ryan: Amazon and Blogging From Paradise 

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