Living a Life of “I Have” Over “I Wish”

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On March 18th, I took the leap into the unknown by quitting my job in Corporate America and leaving behind my comfortable life in the United States in exchange for a new adventure, living in and working from Medellin, Colombia. It was both the scariest and best decision I have yet to make in my nearly 25 years of life.

I’ll admit, in that moment where I opened up my mouth and actually made the verbal commitment to leave my job, I was scared shitless. I was no longer thinking of taking action, but was actually going to do it, and my natural instincts of insecurity rushed in. I was scared of what was to come. Scared of failure. Scared of what people would think of my decision. Scared to change my employment status on LinkedIn and answer the questions of “what happened?” Scared of losing everything I had built in the business I was in over the last year. But then, a moment of clarity hit me and the decision became very easy when I asked myself one simple question.

When I am lying on my deathbed, and have my family and friends gathered around me to share my last moments in this world, will I have lived a life of “I wish” or a life of “I have?”

At that moment, I knew the path that was to be taken, a life with no regrets and wishes, a fulfilled life of “I have.” For me, the greatest fear I have above all is the fear of not taking action and then one day looking back at how I spent my short time saying “I wish.”

I wish I would have travelled. I wish I would have talked to that girl. I wish I would have quit that depressing job sooner and done something I enjoyed. I wish I would have had better relationships with my friends and family. I wish, I wish, I wish…it goes on and on until we look back and realize that we did not live a life of fulfillment, but rather a life of regret.

I refuse to live that way and I hope this provides some motivation in your current daily life. I challenge you to overcome those feelings of fear and make the difficult, but necessary change in your life to live a life of  “I have,” instead of “I wish.”

Question of the Day: What was the hardest decision you ever had to make? and for better or for worse, what was the the outcome?

I’d love to hear your life lessons, please comment below or on the Facebook post!

  • Yaritza

    La vida es una sola, y también estamos solos para afrontarla, obstáculos? Habrán muchos, pero los límites los pones tú, estamos hechos de vida y si sabes a dónde vas, sabrás también a qué vas, he aprendido en estos poco años de vida que cada segundo cuenta y no hay tiempo para arrepentimientos de lo que nunca hice y deseé solo por miedo a fallar.

    Debemos saber muy bien a dónde vamos, pero nunca olvidar de dónde venimos. Saludos!

  • Drew Crawford

    Exacto! Q viva en el momento sin arrepentimientos. Muchas gracias por compartir! 🙂