Episode #6: How Kevin Martin helps students get into the university of their dreams while traveling around the world

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On our sixth episode of The Travelpreneur Club, I had the pleasure to sit down and talk with Kevin Martin.

Kevin is the Founder of TexAdmissions.com, where he helps clients with the long and difficult process of getting accepted into the University of Texas at Austin.

Kevin assists clients with perfecting their résumés, essays, and applications to increase their odds of getting accepted into the university of their dreams.

By finding a demand in this niche, Kevin has positioned himself as a go-to consultant and has built a significant amount of his business through word of mouth.

Along with his primary business at TexAdmissions, Kevin also helps non-native English speaking friends apply to English programs around the world.

These businesses allow him the freedom to travel around the world while building and growing his business.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Kevin’s first experiences with travel and living abroad
  • Having the freedom of not having to do things that he didn’t want to do
  • Prioritizing travel first in his life
  • Building a business while traveling in Africa
  • How not owning a smartphone has shaped his experience of connectivity to the world
  • Meeting other exceptional individuals while traveling
  • Living a life of structure and meaning on his own terms
  • Going all in on his entrepreneurial endeavor
  • Using low-cost marketing strategies by leveraging social media
  • His greatest failure when first starting TexAdmissions
  • How his blue-collar work ethic has contributed to his success thusfar
  • Getting hit by a van while riding a motorcycle in Malaysia
  • His focus on personal growth for this year
  • Kevin’s Book Recommendations:
  • Learning from successful business people by reading
  • How philosophy can help us solve problems in our business and personal lives
  • The best way to market to his audience has been creating video content
  • Overcoming the lows of being a travelpreneur by working through it and keep plugging away

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