Episode #5: Becoming a Jet Set Citizen of the world with John Bardos

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On our fifth episode of The Travelpreneur Club, I sat down and chatted with John Bardos.

John is the Founder of JetSetCitizen, a travel blog and online resource for those who are looking to make the jump into working for themselves.

John has been living abroad since 1997 and owned a successful English school in Japan for 10 years.

Finally, one day in 2010, John and his wife decided to sell all of their possessions and embrace a nomadic travel lifestyle. They set off on the adventure of a lifetime and have been travelling around the world ever since.

John brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, and I am happy to bring you all his story.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How he moved to Japan to start his own english school with his wife
  • The struggles of running a foreign business
  • His early start as an entrepreneur
  • How our personal consumption holds us back from doing what we really want in our life
  • His passion for writing
  • Running a digital marketing business while traveling
  • How Chiang Mai is the digital nomad capital of the world
  • How your living environment shapes your travel experiences
  • Living your life the way you want to live in and forming goals around your passions
  • John’s book recommendation: “Linchpin” by Seth Godin
  • Being indispensable and making yourself invaluable to others by offering value
  • Solving big and important problems instead of adding to the clutter of unproductive online businesses

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