Episode #13: How Jason Boone used freelancing to transition into a lifestyle centered around travel

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On our thirteenth episode, I caught up with Jason Boone.

Jason is an ex-corporate employee turned full time travelpreneur.

In April of 2016, Jason quit his job and begin traveling the world in search of adventure, which he highlights on his travel blog at BooneTravels.com and also his Youtube VLOG series.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Jason’s history working in video production
  • How Jason transitioned from a full-time job into a freelance role
  • What held Jason back from pursuing a his passions in the past
  • Why he is currently in Iceland and how the growth of tourism is affecting the country
  • The benefits of slow travel and how it will all you to get more work done
  • Working on side hustles while being employed full-time
  • How a relationship break-up affected Jason’s decision to pursue a nomadic lifestyle
  • Finding clients to freelance for
  • Jason’s love for video production and how he built a business around it
  • Reinvesting profits into growth and personal development
  • Finding your passion and creating a business around it
  • How family obligations make it difficult to pack up and take off to travel
  • Making your dream a priority
  • How Jason started his digital nomad life by sleeping in his car at Walmarts and using free wi-fi at McDonalds
  • Jason’s plan of making video production courses to fund his lifestyle
  • How Jason pitched one of his favorite blogs and earned a spot as a contributing author on the site
  • Diversifying your client base to reduce reliance on a single income stream
  • Committing yourself fully and taking action
  • How loneliness affected Jason during his transition to a travelpreneur lifestyle
  • Following your heart and doing what’s best for you
  • Jason’s goals of building his audience for his blog and hitting monetary goals for freelancing
  • Jason’s Book Recommendation:
  • Making your goals a priority and sacrificing things to achieve your end goal

Connect with Jason: Blog, Twitter, & YouTube

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