Episode #14: Traveling the world as a nomadic family while running an ecommerce business, with The Luxpats

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On our fourteenth episode, I sat down with David Keys and Sarah Beaudette. David and Sarah are ex-Amazon employees turned full-time travelpreneurs. David and Sarah took to the road and launched an online retail business called Nomadica which sells light and durable travel gear sourced from socially and environmentally responsible companies. Along with the ecommerce store, David […]

Episode #13: How Jason Boone used freelancing to transition into a lifestyle centered around travel

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On our thirteenth episode, I caught up with Jason Boone. Jason is an ex-corporate employee turned full time travelpreneur. In April of 2016, Jason quit his job and begin traveling the world in search of adventure, which he highlights on his travel blog at BooneTravels.com and also his Youtube VLOG series. In this episode, we discuss: Jason’s history […]

Episode #12: How Steve Scott became an authority figure in the Amazon self-publishing jungle

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On our twelfth episode, I had the pleasure to sit down with Steve Scott. Steve is an an Amazon bestselling author with over 60 self-published books on habits, productivity, and entrepreneurship. He’s built a consistent six-figure income as a digital author and now teaches other authors how to create a sustainable business around their own books with […]

Episode #11: From bankruptcy to the $20M sale of his business, the entrepreneurial journey of Tim Fargo

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On our eleventh episode, I had the honor to sit down with Tim Fargo. Tim is a lifelong entrepreneur, investor, author, and keynote speaker. In 1991 Tim went bankrupt, but 12 years later he had grown his insurance fraud investigation company to a $20M sale, which he highlights in his book Alphabet Success. After the […]

Episode #10: How Kyle Musser has created a booming digital agency business around turning online customer conversations into paid conversions

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On our tenth episode, I had the pleasure to sit down with a buddy of mine from my days at Michigan State University, Kyle Musser. Kyle is an entrepreneur that currently lives in East Lansing, Michigan. His firm ‘Digital Conversion Labs’ is a borderless Digital Agency that’s focused on helping entrepreneurs, startups, growing brands & of […]

Episode #9: Building a blog around your fun and doing it from paradise with Ryan Biddulph

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On our ninth episode, I caught up with the island hopping, Amazon self-publishing machine, Ryan Biddulph. Ryan is an author, blogger, freelance writer, and internet lifestyle junkie. He is the Founder of an Amazon eBook series, “Blogging from Paradise,” where he helps his readers become eBook publishing machines by creating both authority and a passive income […]

Episode #8: How Will Hatton traveled the world as a Broke Backpacker while building a travel blog

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On our eighth episode, I had the pleasure to sit down with Will Hatton. Will is the founder of TheBrokebackpacker.com, where he shares his adventurous travels around the world with his massive audience of venturesome wanderers via informative and creative blog posts with beautiful and captivating visuals. By travel hacking and budgeting, Will has traveled to […]

Episode #7: Find your PASSION and live it each day with Cassandra Gaisford

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On our seventh episode, I caught up with Cassandra Gaisford. Cassandra is the Founder of WorkLifeSolutions and a #1 Amazon best-selling self-help author, romance and historical novelist, creativity coach, public speaker and entrepreneur. Cassandra is a #1 Amazon best selling author of How to Find Your Passion and Purpose, and  the Mid-Life Career Rescue series which includes: Mid-Life Career […]

Episode #6: How Kevin Martin helps students get into the university of their dreams while traveling around the world

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On our sixth episode of The Travelpreneur Club, I had the pleasure to sit down and talk with Kevin Martin. Kevin is the Founder of TexAdmissions.com, where he helps clients with the long and difficult process of getting accepted into the University of Texas at Austin. Kevin assists clients with perfecting their résumés, essays, and applications […]