Episode #7: Find your PASSION and live it each day with Cassandra Gaisford

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On our seventh episode, I caught up with Cassandra Gaisford.

Cassandra is the Founder of WorkLifeSolutions and a #1 Amazon best-selling self-help author, romance and historical novelist, creativity coach, public speaker and entrepreneur.

Cassandra is a #1 Amazon best selling author of How to Find Your Passion and Purpose, and  the Mid-Life Career Rescue series which includes:

Cassandra has a desire for passion. She believes in the power of love and creativity to transform people’s lives, helping them feel inspired, courageous and successful.

On her site, cassandragaisford.com, she helps increase her audience’s happiness and success with products and resources designed to inspire.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to choose something to focus on when you have many passions
  • Crafting the perfect lifestyle for you by doing what you love for work
  • The Bay of Islands, New Zealand
  • Taking a brick and mortar business and making it location independent
  • Cassandra’s start as an entrepreneur after quitting her job
  • Don’t let fear paralyze you, but rather let it motivate you
  • Discovering your inner entrepreneur
  • Working less and living more
  • Valuing experiences more than things
  • FEAR: Fantasied Experiences Appearing Real
  • Listening too much to what others think
  • Learning about “The Art of Success” by taking a look at how extraordinary artists can help us succeed personally and professionally
  • Writing a book to help yourself
  • How Cassandra has used passion, patience, and perseverance to fuel her success
  • The true meaning of passion
  • Finding your true passion when you love to do so many different things
  • Watching your back and being careful to trust strangers
  • Having the freedom to say no as an entrepreneur
  • The great feeling that comes from helping others
  • Pursuing a travelpreneur life in your 50-60’s
  • Staying young by pursuing your passions
  • Cassandra’s Book Recommendations:
  • Stand out from the crowd and be different
  • Follow the thing that fills your heart with joy

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